A little hug? or just a little kiss! 01/2015


 Wonderful “Toy” the Dolphin!


One day in Sharm El Lole ( a beautiful wide beach and bay at 10 km of El Quseir) we were snorkeling with a friend since long time…and nothing “special” ….so we stop and my friend says “nothing” today…”all the fishes are at home with the windows closed!” Because when it is long time that you live in El Quseir and you go to snorkel everyday for hours…you become spoiled…. you just want something new to see…..and what is wonderful in Red Sea that you always discover something magic! So if ONE day it is just routine …. only normal fishes!!!!!!!!!!..You are unsatisfied! We are just spoiled by Red Sea! But this day: a beautiful young dolphin was swimming fast in front of us….so I try to follow him ….he was swimming so fast ….but I am a good swimmer and I really try to follow him…. but my friend call me: “please can we go back to the beach?”….ok I swim back in her direction….

and miracle: the Dolphin come back to us and start playing with us…. really “playing” …. he dives on the bottom and “fly” to us until coming so close and making circles around us….. Just wonderful….. he came back with us until the beach…

and there some tourists saw him…. and he leaves the bay…. We called him “Toy” and it is magic to “understand” that a Dolphin want to comunicate with you…..
I saw often dolphins in the bay but “Toy” was special so interactive with us…Thank you Toy for this magic moment! ♥♥♥.




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