Sham El Nessim

Sham el Nessim is one of the oldest festival celebrating the spring …it means “breeze the air”… Egyptians (of all religions)  go to the sea for the first time in the year…they make very basic tends of any kinds of materials and colors and stay all the day eating and singing! All the family are together and the children enjoy so much! It is the day of the year were I really see people so HAPPY…. This year the beach were I usually swim  ask me not to go because of course I don’t wear galabeya… so I went just to take some photos….everytime asking “munkin sura?” who means can I take a photo? …but they were so friendly and happy that everybody ask me to come and enjoy with them….I love to see this happiness because I remember how life in Egypt is difficult…less work….but today they just enjoy and I do with all of them …good luck Egypt!


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