Hundred of Sergents Fishes 01/2015

Small little fishes living like a cloud all together not afraid about human….they just sometime come to “eat” you…. they pinch your tummy!!!!! The male are very courageos when they defend the eggs that the female give them to look after…. they must show the female that they are “good father”! The females give only some eggs to the male ….it is better to try first if they choose the right one!

P2260028n_800x600 P5130050n_800x600 PB280104n_800x600
sergent 1_800x534

sergent 2_800x534

sergent 3_800x534

sergent 5_800x534

sergent 7_800x600

sergent 9_800x600

One thought on “Hundred of Sergents Fishes 01/2015

  1. De retour au plat pays apres une semaine Mer Rouge
    … la tête pleine d’ images feeériques …
    Heureusement il y a le blog of the Queen de Kilo Ashra …
    comme cela je peux retourner à ce monde merveilleux que j’ aime tant
    et regardant un video je me sans un poisson dans l’ eau …
    Merci, shokran Sweety

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