Birds in Egypt 02/2015

In Egypt when you visit monuments in Luxor or in the cruise on the Nile or in any place were you can find some trees or even in the desert …you hear birds…just sparrows, hawks, storks, ibis, doves, black crows birds…. Egyptian is a migration’s place for birds….so you have many kinds of birds leaving cold countries like Europe and arriving in Egypt…and also a lot are resident! Like me….
The birds find very useful the swimming pools… and look also the wonderful Ibis hunting in the sea…..or the hawk eating fish….
airone che dignità_800x533

I am a fisherman too…..sorry for the butterfly fish….but “It’s life”….
..for Uwe…


Dogs in Egypt – Chiens en Egypte – Cani in Egitto 02/2015

cane egiziano._800x533 Merci à mon ami Baba Mohammed et sa femme qui m’ont fait connaitre le suivant Hadith sur chiens et Coran.

Hadith Sahih Mouslim, 2244, Sahih Al-Boukhari, 2466.

{Un homme qui marchait sur un chemin ressentit une grande soif.  Il atteignit un puits, y descendit, but, et en ressortit.  C’est alors qu’il aperçut un chien haletant et léchant la terre humide tellement il avait soif.  L’homme se dit: “Ce chien souffre de la soif autant que j’en souffrais moi-même.”  Alors il redescendit dans le puits, remplit d’eau sa chaussure et en abreuva le chien.  Dieu le remercia et lui pardonna ses péchés.}  On demanda au Prophète  : “Ô messager de Dieu, sommes-nous récompensés pour nos bonnes actions envers les animaux?”  Il dit: {Pour toute créature vivante, il y a une récompense à qui leur fait du bien.}

lost in an island_800x534

Thanks to my friend Baba Mohammed and his wife who make me know the following Hadith about dogs and Coran.

Hadith Sahih Mouslim, 2244, Sahih Al-Boukhari, 2466.

{ A man who was walking on a path felt a big thirst. He reached a well and climb down, there drank, and came up. Then He saw a breathless dog  licking the wet earth so much thirsty he was. The man says to himself: ” this dog suffers from the thirst as much as I suffered from it myself. ” Then he went down again in the well, fills his shoes with water and quench the dog’s thirst with it. God thanked him and forgave him his sins.} They asked the Prophet: ” Ô messenger of God, we are rewarded for our kindness to animals? ” He answer: {“There is a reward for kindness to every living animal or human.”.}

dog in Blue hole Dahab_800x450

Grazie al mio amico Baba Mohammed e sua moglie che mi hanno fatto conoscere il seguente Hadith sui cani e il Corano.

Hadith Sahih Mouslim, 2244, Sahih Al-Boukhari, 2466.

Un uomo che camminava su una strada provò una grande sete. Raggiunse un pozzo, scese dentro, si dissetò, e ne uscì. Dopo vide un cane ansimante che stava leccando la terra umida tanto aveva sete. L’uomo si dissee: “Questo cane soffre tanto quanto soffrivo io della sete.” Allora ridiscese nel pozzo, riempì di acqua la sua scarpa e ne abbeverò il cane. Dio lo ringraziò e gli perdonò i suoi peccati.} Si chiese al profeta: ” Ô messaggero di Dio, si  è ricompensati per le nostre buone azioni verso gli animali?” Lui rispose: {Per ogni creatura vivente, c’è una ricompensa a cui fa loro del bene.}

Musique à El Quseir!

C’est pas les U2 mais ces 4 vieux musiciens donnent bien du bonheur…

Mother’s Day in Radisson Blu Resort El Quseir

A Great Show! The “artists” are the Children of the Learning Development Center of El Quseir! The Children were so proud to celebrate the Mother’s day with Theater, Dance and Song and the Mothers and their families so proud of their sons and daughters. The Managment and the Teachers of the Kinder Garden works with the Children for three months to organize this beautiful day… and the result is happiness for all!

Sham El Nessim

Sham el Nessim is one of the oldest festival celebrating the spring …it means “breeze the air”… Egyptians (of all religions)  go to the sea for the first time in the year…they make very basic tends of any kinds of materials and colors and stay all the day eating and singing! All the family are together and the children enjoy so much! It is the day of the year were I really see people so HAPPY…. This year the beach were I usually swim  ask me not to go because of course I don’t wear galabeya… so I went just to take some photos….everytime asking “munkin sura?” who means can I take a photo? …but they were so friendly and happy that everybody ask me to come and enjoy with them….I love to see this happiness because I remember how life in Egypt is difficult…less work….but today they just enjoy and I do with all of them …good luck Egypt!


The Old heart of El Quseir 08/2014

…and now we have nice main road and romantic lights!!!!!… take 7 years of big works but …much better! The governor promise two years ago to finish the roads (see article Heart of Arts) …..and it works!