Tourista!!!! 12/2015

I was making a sweet and romantic video of a group of butterfly fishes, very relax..and a puffer fish arrives…nothing unusual…but he has stomach cramps, upset stomach!!!! May be a “tourista”? Never saw before…anytime something unusual can happen in Red Sea!…even a puffer with a tummy ache!!!!
pufferpuffer touristapuffer toutista 1puffer digestiondiodonpesce palla

Broomtail wrasse 08/2014

So elegant with his blu tail….. in the video you see the male (the blu and green colored one) followed by the female. They live near the reef …so you see a lot of them snorkeling…. they are shy so if you want to take nice photos of them just stop snorkeling and don’t move…they just pass in front of you!








Baliste Bleu

Beau et ondulant…trés élégant le Baliste est bleu ou gris foncé, la face et le menton sont plus clairs. Les pointes de la queue sont allongées. Sa mâchoire est armée d’une paire de grosses canines rouges. Au moindre danger il file à vitesse grand V….donc pour le filmer il faut rester discret!!!!