I like Sergeant Major Fishes! 10/2015

They are so many…. SO funny to watch them so active! In the first small video you can see the babies looking to find a way to be protected swimming in open sea…they use anything floating to hide themselves…. it is ok for a old rope of a boat or a piece of bush…but what is terrible that in Egypt Red Sea you find so many plastic bags or plastic bottles….so sad when you know that it kill so many fishes, birds and turtles…. I know it is a Mondial problem… but in Egypt there is a lot to do: all is full of rubbish and nobody clean and with the wind the rubbish fly everywhere in the desert and in the sea. WE MUST ALL UNDERSTAND THAT WE MUST LOOK AFTER OUR WORLD AND LEAVE IT CLEAN FOR NEXT GENERATIONS…. IN THIS MOMENT THERE IS IN PARIS THE COP21…. HOPE THAT THE 195 PARTIES/COUNTRIES FIND TOGETHER A SOLUTION FOR THE FUTURE….BUT TO HOPE IS NOT ENOUGH…

…THE second video …the babies are grown up…and they enjoy a good brunch …IN A CLEAN RED SEA!!! ….IN A CLOSE FUTURE???


Hundred of Sergents Fishes 01/2015

Small little fishes living like a cloud all together not afraid about human….they just sometime come to “eat” you…. they pinch your tummy!!!!! The male are very courageos when they defend the eggs that the female give them to look after…. they must show the female that they are “good father”! The females give only some eggs to the male ….it is better to try first if they choose the right one!

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