Turtle Smartie 01/2015


smartie 1

That is one of the reason of loving the sea (with other thousand! Of course!)…. anyway for me to meet a turtle make me everytime so happy! Yes you can go to some places were you meet a lot of turtles like Abu Dabad ( 20 mn south of Quseir) it is a bay where you are sure to see some huge turtles who eat grass in the bay… but there are a lot of tourists… and it is not the same feeling to “meet” in the middle of nowhere a little turtle who look at you and think of you ..”.is she going to eat me”… because for her I look like a big predator! “Smartie”, that is the name I give her…. is a small turtle who eat coral and not grass (there are different kind of turtles)….

so when I meet her she was with the full head into a hole of the reef …I wait very quiet until she came out of the hole and our eyes meet each other…. my eyes were full of happyness…hers scared…. but I did not move… and I always take photos or videos without flash ….so after a while she was more relax and swim up to breath….but in a very calm way! Did She “understood ” that I was not a predator???

Sweet Smartie looking to find some corals for lunch….. and a big surprise in her eyes meeting me!!!!!! Turtles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smartie 145

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