A must!…. A Nile Cruise…. 2/2015

Yes I think a Nile Cruise is a must! I love all the underwater world of Red Sea…. but I also love the upperworld! Life in Egypt is always for me a beautiful and true feeling…. A Nile Cruise….first of all it is very TIRING! You get up very early to visit incredible sites …crowded of tourists….. so many tourists….so many queue… you always run because in 8 days you must “see” thousands of years of CULTURE! But anyway, even if you cannot do what you really wish because you must follow your group and your guide…it is fabolous….so you must do at least ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!

The life in the boat is funny …often a little kitsch….but it is holiday time and every guest is happy and we all enjoy time together friendly. You must go to a Cruise Nile with the mood to ENJOY LIFE!

Through this cruise I saw Luxor, Karnac, Queen and King Valley, Dendera , Abu Simbel, Filae, Aswan, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Esna; Abydos….. so many places in a week ….I know it is a superficial vision ….but when you come back take a book of Egypt story and you will read in a different way because you will always keep all in your eyes, in your mind and in your heart this special Nile Cruise…even with a sand storm (sorry for the sand photos!)…